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Rhino Linings Of The Bitterroot

Rhino Linings of the Bitterroot is your locally owned and operated provider of the #1 consumer rated spray on bed-liner. Sprayed on up to a 1/4 inch thick with non-skid grip, count on Rhino Lining to protect your investment, with Excellent Impact Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, and Chemical Resistance you can do it all. The truck bed liner for everyone, whether your hauling the family belongings or the daily work load. We have the Bed liner for you!

The Process

Stage One: Removal of any Removable hardware in Truck Bed.

Stage Two: Wire Tape All Termination Lines then cover non-project area .

Stage Three: Clean Rust, and Prep Existing Truck Bed By Scuffing with Nylon Brush.

Stage Four: Clean All Surfaces Thoroughly 

Stage Five: Apply Rhino Application and Let Cure.

Stage Six: Remove All Tape and Re-Install Hardware

Rhino's of Fame

2017 Ford F-250 Short Bed 

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